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Benefits of Implementing a Security Data Fabric

Security fabrics boost & enhance data access, analytics and reduce costs for security teams

'Inside Security' with Justin Pagano (Director of Security Risk & Trust, Klaviyo)

Building effective GRC within security

Introducing Leen End Point Detection & Response (EDR) Connector Library

Explore all the key features, use cases and examples of the EDR connector library

Leen Press Kit

Access our press kit, logo and other design assets.

Top 5 Challenges of Security Integrations and How Unified APIs Solve Them

Challenges include compatibility issues, resource-intensive development, maintenance and scalability, data consistency and accuracy, and compliance

Integrations: Build vs Buy

Should engineering teams build integrations themselves or use a Unified API platform?

The Critical Role of Integrations in Security

Integrations are the cornerstone of building robust security systems.

Introducing OnRamp: Simplifying Connector Onboarding for Users

OnRamp is our new embeddable onboarding component designed to make creating and updating connections easier

Challenges of Traditional Security Data Architectures

Scalability, reliability, and data silos are core challenges in managing security data for companies

Understanding Security Connectors: How do they work, their benefits & examples

Explore the benefits and examples of security connectors and how they enhance cybersecurity integrations

What are the benefits of security integration?

Benefits include enhanced threat detection, streamlined security management, cost efficiency, improved compliance, increased agility, and enhanced collaboration.

Building Integrations: The Fundamental Starting Point for Engineering Teams

Discover why integrations matter for early-stage engineering & product teams

8 Benefits of Unified API Integration

Unified API integration simplifies the management of APIs, reduces complexity, and enhances the overall efficiency of business processes.

'Inside Security' with Varun Prusty (Staff Security Engineer, Asana)

Mastering communication to transform technical expertise into effective security leadership

Introduction to Security Data Fabrics

An overview article explaining the concept of data fabrics in the context of security, highlighting the need for a more decentralized and scalable approach to managing security data

The Need for Unified APIs in Security

Discover why building integrations is challenging for security engineering teams and how unified APIs can provide a solution

API integration examples

Discover examples of API integrations and understand their importance in enhancing functionality, security, and efficiency across various applications.

What is API integration?

Explore the essentials of API integration and its benefits for your business. Learn about different types, real-world examples, and best practices for seamless implementation in our comprehensive guide.

'Inside Security' with Ashwin Ramesh (Detection & Response Security Engineer, Plaid)

Discover why context, storytelling, alignment, and culture are crucial in security engineering.

The Value of a Common Ontology in Cybersecurity: Enchancing Detection, Response, and Vulnerability Management

A common ontology is a standardized framework that provides a consistent and unified representation of concepts, entities, and relationships within a specific domain or across multiple domains

'Inside Security' with Veer Singh (Staff Security Engineer, Infoblox)

Uncovering the journey to security excellence

Introducing 'Inside Security'

A series dedicated to sharing the stories and learnings from the people who make security possible.

Unified API vs iPaaS

Unified API is a single API that provides access to multiple services and endpoints, abstracting the complexities of integrating with numerous APIs.

Leen is SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

As a security company, we deeply understand and emphasize the critical importance of compliance and security in every aspect of our operations.

Our Experience Building the Synk Integration

The Synk integration marks a significant milestone for Leen, being the first integration for the AppSec category.

The Importance of Security Engineering

Learn how forward-thinking organizations are shifting from reactive to proactive security measures, integrating robust solutions into every stage of development.

Introduction to Unified APIs for Security Data: What, Why and How?

Unified APIs are an abstraction layer that easily handles communication with many different APIs and backend data models.

Why We Named Our Company "Leen"

As an early-stage startup, "Leen" speaks to our commitment to stripping away the excess, to streamlining operations, and to delivering maximum impact with minimal resources.

Leen Origins: Our mission and vision for security

Security is fundamentally a data problem. Leen is on a mission to build the best devtools company in the world for security teams.

Leen announces pre-seed funding for its unified data API for security

Leen, a unified data API for cybersecurity, with the mission of becoming the best devtools company in the world for security teams.