Introducing 'Inside Security'

Leen Security
June 3, 2024

We've been working on something close to our hearts here at Leen for the past few months, and today, we're thrilled to share it with the larger security and engineering community.

Introducing 'Inside Security', a long-form, bi-monthly blog series dedicated to sharing the stories and learnings from the people who make security possible.

Too often, the security industry is seen as just advanced technology involving building defense frameworks and complex algorithms, obscuring the human dimension that lies at its core. Through candid conversations and personal narratives, we'll explore the journeys of security professionals from diverse backgrounds, uncovering the pivotal moments that ignited their passion for this field and the larger security challenges they have encountered and overcome over the span of their careers.

From the accidental discoveries that led them to cybersecurity to the mentors and leaders who guided their growth, this series will offer a rare glimpse into the personal journeys and pivotal moments that have shaped the careers of security practitioners. The series will also share valuable suggestions, advice, and frameworks on how to build, scale, and lead effective security teams, providing best practices that can inspire and inform the next generation of security leaders.

What are some things to look forward to?

We're glad you asked. In the coming editions, you can expect:

  • Best practices on how to effectively use communication and culture to shape world-class security teams
  • Insights into the role of security during an M&A process
  • Guidance on breaking into security as a non-security professionals
  • Explorations of the critical and rapidly evolving role of security in the gaming and entertainment
  • Strategies to overcome common challenges such as lack of alignment and security operating in silos
  • Frameworks to master the art of storytelling and effectively communicate security initiatives across the organization
  • Collective efforts to drive a more engineering-focused approach to cybersecurity, and more

There is so much to unpack in the 'Inside Security' series – not only highlighting the multifaceted challenges security practitioners have faced over the years and continue to grapple with today but also providing tactical advice, tips, and frameworks to navigate these complexities effectively.

Lastly, we also hope this initiative not only sheds light on the human dimension of security but also inspires the next generation of founders and innovators to build groundbreaking products and solutions that address these challenges head-on, empowering practitioners with the tools they need to safeguard our digital world.